In our first eBook, How to Solve HR Communication Challenges, we explored why texting is key to creating an effective internal communication strategy. 

Now, we’ll take you through how you can build an effective HR communications strategy by using a complete SMS solution.

HR eBook # 2.pngHow to use SMS Technology in HR will provide you with a detailed view of SMS features that you can take advantage of for employee announcements, recruiting efforts, and corporate benefits. We’ll show you how the most intelligent SMS technology can:

  • Increase engagement through tools such as mobile keywords, reminders, surveys, and mass announcements
  • Save your HR department time and energy through automation
  • Amplify your announcements through cross-channel communication

Download the complete, 17-page eBook to see what features you should look for in your SMS solution so that you can ultimately simplify communication with current and future employees.

Download the HR eBook